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About Me

I am a New Zealand Cryptozoologist and Director

At work researching NZ's Mysterious Fauna

Alot of Cryptozoology involves many hours of research
A Cryptozoologist greatest tool is their computer and the Internet.

Kia Ora,my name is Tony Lucas.I currently live in the Hawkes Bay. I have a wife and 8 fabtastic kids, 2 of which are of my own doing. We have a Foxy Dog called "Suey", Suzie to her friends. An invariable zoo as we are animal lovers. My interest in cryptozoology started when I was young as I had a great scientific interest and mysteries of the world around me intrigued me. I later I developed a love of biology, I kept Tropical fish and other pets and developed an interest in the unusual, particularly carnivorous plants.
In my later years I learned of mysterious beasts that inhabited the New Zealand bush and were not often talked about.  Once again my curiosity was aroused and I researched extensively to find out more. I began collecting files on these mysterious creatures and other animal anomalies.

I gained qualifications in biology as an aid to finding out more and then qualified as a freelance journalist and Photographer. I have written many articles on the subject of  Cryptozoology for various online magazine's including TheCheers and, where I had a monthly column. In 2007 I collaborated on the book " Elementoum Beastia" which has quite a bit about NZ cryptids in it. 2008 saw publication in the CFZ yearbook with a run down on our New Zealand Cryptids.


I am also Head New Zealand Representative for the CFZ (Centre for Fortean Zoology) in New Zealand.
The CFZ is THE biggest world wide Cryptozoological organisation in the world, with representatives in many Countries.
You can find them here if you want to learn more

I am currently looking at a programme that will bring these creatures to the attention of our children as they are the future of our Country and this is their heritage. I will eventually be publishing booklets which will be available from this site on the various cryptids.
For the sake of the childrens Programme if you have anything to donate and for the possibility of setting up a Museum for Not Only New Zealand cryptids but Cryptozoology in general It would be greatly appreciated and I can be contacted via email a

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