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Monday, 2nd February 2009
2:38 PM
Bats attack in Rotorua

This came hot off the press this morning, considering New Zealand only has small species of bats which are only seen in the forest and not capable of much damage to humans this case is definately a conundrum.

Source: Newstalk ZB

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There are reports of bats attacking two men in Rotorua. Taxi driver Ngaia Monaham says two men jumped in her car near Amohia Street just after 3.00am Monday. She says they told a bizarre story of being attacked and bitten by bats. Monaham says she did not believe them at first but than noticed they had bite marks on their arms. She says she and another taxi driver went back to Amohia Street with a torch and found hundreds of bats flying around in the trees.

A press release from the Centre for Fortean Zoology (which I am proud to be associated with.) gives insight into their latest expedition of the trail of the Almasty in the Russian state of Karbadino-Balkaria. We wish them all the best on their expedition and safe return from this volatile area.

Here is a press release issued by Jon.
If you get a chance Watch the CFZ Monthly Telecast its always extremely interesting and Jon presents an excellent mix of the rare, cryptid and newly discovered.
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