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January - June 2008
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Here is whats new in the field of New Zealand Cryptozoology:

I was recently contacted, via e-mail regarding a sighting of a possible Waitoreke in Gisbourne during the 1980s. The creature was 1.5 m long and displaying typical sea otter behavior by smashing shells on its chest. The sighting lasted a good 20 minutes with the creature about 10 m away showing total disregard for the witness. This will be one of the very rare North Island sightings of these wonderful creatures. Even more unusual is sighting took place at sea, most Waitoreke sightings are in areas of freshwater.


Rex Gilroy recently returned from his New Zealand expedition

with more footprints and evidence of Moa in the Hawkes Bay area. During the expedition to Gilroy's tried to get in touch with me but were unable to as I was unavailable due to a family crisis. I have therefore not viewed any evidence either photographically or otherwise so cannot comment on whether Rex did actually find anything or not. I sincerely hope that if Rex has managed to find definitive proof he will present it to the proper authorities, namely the Department of conservation so a proper thorough search can be undertaken, and if the birds exist, the area can be protected and so can the birds.
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2 anony  
hi i have seen a otter while i was heading towards panmure theres a river near by..its was nice to see one because i know there rear

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1 GomoQuemo  
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