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Coming in May 2007
2:08 PM

New book due for release later on this year

Coming in May 2007: ELEMENTUM BESTIA

A compilation book by authors from around the world, edited by Craig Heinselman.

This book marks the return of the CRYPTO Presents series of books last done in 2002. The previous versions are available online at Strange Ark . The difference this round is the book will be a standard oversized paperback of nearly 300 pages in length. The book will be made available through at cost, running at approx. $11.50 per copy in a 8 1/2 x 11 paperback style.

Segmented into sections as diverse as Unknown Aerial, Aquatic and Terrestrial Creatures to Cultural Impacts and Fictional Representations (Cryptofiction).

More details soon once the final proof copy is reviewed in a week or so.

For now, enjoy the cover art by Rick Spears and the content listing.

The American Sârâph: An Unnatural History of Winged Snakes in North America by Scott Maruna

The Case of the Grey Ghost by Craig Heinselman

Littlefoot – The Junjudee by Tony Healy and Paul Cropper

The Hobbits of Flores: A New Genus of Hominid - Parahomo by Dr Dwight Smith and Gary Mangiacopra

Maned Mystery Cats and Panthera atrox by Loren Coleman

Antediluvian Forms in South America? by Phillip O’Donnell

In Search of Rare Carnivorous Marsupials: An Examination of the Evidence for Their Survival by Chris Rehberg

New Zealand Mystery Biped? by Tony Lucas

“Aye, and behind the Cameroon’s there’s things living” by Scott Norman

Sasquatch Hoaxes by Diane Stocking

Bigfoot in Art History: Prehistoric to Early Medieval Period by Scott Marlowe

The Genesis of the Annual Bigfoot Conference / Expo by Don Keating

The Western Bigfoot Society – A History by Ray Crowe

To the Credulous Reader by JP O'Neill

A Classification System for Large , Unidentified Marine Animals Based on the Examination of Reported Observations by Bruce Champagne

Cryptofiction – One Reader’s Thoughts by Matt Bille

The Chupacabra by DL Tanner

Remember the Coelacanth by Lee Murphy

Cleve Hopper’s Goat by Gerry Bacon

Stick Doll by Blake Templeton

Creatures of the Fire: Cryptozoology in Ancient and Contemporary Perspective by Dr. Peter Dendle

The Global Search for New Species by Matt Bille

Artwork by William Rebsamen, Jim Harnock and Rick Spears
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