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11. ArretsMennyk   (2012-06-08 11:40 AM) E-mail

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10. Frank Fredenburg   (2012-03-27 10:59 AM) E-mail
I've heard more about mystery animals in Australia. I haven't heard much about New Zealand. Do you have reports of creatures like the Burrunjor? I have heard you have bigfoot type animals. We have sightings here in Pennsylvania. I will keep track of this site.

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6. mark anthony villanueva   (2011-05-01 9:58 AM) E-mail
I think New Zealand is such an amazingly beautiful country and I hope I could get a chance to visit it someday. Thank you for the wealth of information you have presented.

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5. Grant Carter   (2010-07-13 1:51 PM) E-mail
Hi Guys,

I was the Aussie tourist who saw the large cat at the Back of the Heritage Hotel in Queenstown in Sept 2004.
Was amazed to see myself quoted on this site.
Will never forget what I saw, definitely a large cat the size of a Golden Retriever German Shepherd dog moving along the stream at the rear of the resort. 100% certain it was a cat by the way it walked.

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4. RWL   (2010-04-11 4:07 AM) E-mail
these cats can be traced back 70 years to the US Navy during WW2 when they visited NZ shores!!!!!!!!!

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3. James Gilberd   (2010-04-04 9:12 AM) E-mail
Hi Tony. Have just discovered your site from NZPI link. Nice work! Have linked from Strange Occurrences site.

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2. sllaoh   (2010-01-27 10:21 PM) E-mail
hello all

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1. Kemolileafe   (2010-01-16 6:14 PM) E-mail

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